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Things My Father Said To Me

Think and all the ancestors think with you.  Fight and you fight alone.


None do more ill than those perpetually endeavoring to do “good”.


No dead thing has a value.  Think before killing, then kill without further thought.  Indecision is deadly.  Guilt and remorse are as valueless as dead things.


Honor Drago in all that you do and let be.  Exaltation is for humans and idiots.


EAT…and grow strong.


Let no one ever force you to repeat yourself, but say nothing more or less the first time than what you are prepared to defend.


Power is never passed from the hands of the powerful into the hands of the powerless freely.  “Power sharing” is an oxymoron.  Any way to win is the best way.  There is no good way to lose.


You are the center of the wheel.  All things revolve about you.  You are the only god; your strength the greatest strength; your arm the fellest arm.


You are forever on your own.


Keep company with women as much as possible.  All that you are and ever will be begins and ends there.


Vengefulness will waste your life for you.  The greatest harm you can do to your enemies is to make too many babies for them to ever vanquish.


Nietzscheans!  What a grand, glorious, and unmanageable mess of a people we are!!


Yeah right!  And Drago wore a dress!!


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