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Heavy Elements - art and writing by Keith Hamilton Cobb

This will be the place to showcase diverse creative endeavors.

The name originally came from the experience of designing and building furniture in Los Angeles.  It was all made of hard woods and found metal materials — Heavy Elements…  Pieces like this
Decoupage Door:

Keith Hamilton Cobb art

KHC table

and this coffee table:

Elements too heavy to ship, and thus too heavy to sell…  I soon realized that I would need to begin to create more marketable objects of art.  Which is not to say that there will not be a place and a way to traffic in huge, honkin’ pieces of furniture that are way too heavy to be moved, for those are really my passion…  That’ll come.

Meanwhile, I’d like to start with something simple…  Well… not really…

The Odd Purgatory of My Personal Perception: Little Portraits by Keith Hamilton CobbThe Odd Purgatory of my Personal Perception is a collection of short stories about sex, which is art, if you ask me.  “Stories” might not be the right word for them.  They were a series of exercises in creating moments fraught with sexual energy on paper.  Not the perfect sales pitch, I know, but it’s the truth.

The Odd Purgatory of my Personal Perception is the first offering of Heavy Elements Press, our literary arm.  Because books are much easier to ship than solid Brazilian oak and metal furniture.  And you can order copies of the work in print, ebook, or downloadable audio at:

or (Nook).


This is the beginning…



The Odd Purgatory of My Personal Perception: Little Portraits

By Keith Hamilton Cobb
Now available from
Heavy Elements Press
in print, ebook, and downloadable audio on:

and (Nook)

Audio excerpt from the story, God’s Children

Coffee and writing
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Drafting image

Keith Hamilton Cobb art
Light fixture by KHC

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