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And then, the fella asked me…

A brief layperson’s guide to Keith Hamilton Cobb and the world of show business that he has never really been a part of, but always get’s asked about anyway…

Then, the fella asked me… “What is the first thing that you do when you get a job?”

Then, the fella asked me… “How do you transition from practice, or rehearsal, to performance?”

Then, the fella asked me… “What is your most hated misconception about your job?”

And then, he asked me… “What are your thoughts on Geoffrey Owens?”

(Referring to a 2019 incident where the actor, Geoffrey Owens, most well known for has role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show, was photographed bagging groceries in a Trader Joe’s.)

And after that the fella asked me my thoughts on the Me Too movement…

Then, the fella asked me… What I think my role is in today’s world as actor, as artist, as citizen.

Then, the fella asked me…“How has being an actor helped you get through the world?”

You’re not gonna believe this one, but then, the fella asked me… “How do you introduce a newcomer to your business in one day? Someone who is middle-aged, who at what, 36, 37 years old says, ‘I want to be an actor.’”

So, after that, the fella asked me…“Do we have a guru problem in this business, and if so, how damaging is it?”

Then—and I knew the question was comin’—the fella asked me… “Are you religious or spiritual? Does your work enhance or impede that? Does your work as an artist take the place of your spirituality?”

And finally, the fella asked me… “What are your dreams now?”

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