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American Moor - A Play by Keith Hamilton Cobb

What is the role of a lifetime?

What is the role of a life?

The intelligent, intuitive, large, black, American male actor explores Shakespeare’s Othello, race, and America… not necessarily in that order…

On this page, you will find all matter pertaining to American Moor, the play, the playwright, and the performer. READ MORE…

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Background and Bios

Mr. Cobb is an actor who has spent the majority of his working life on stage and is readily recognized on the streets of New York… READ MORE


American Moor is a 90 minute solo play written and performed by Keith Hamilton Cobb, examining the experience and perspective of black men in America… READ MORE



American Moor Reviews/Articles

Boston Globe 2017“Spellbinding….a Must See! …. Anyone who covers it for a living has to believe that theater is among the necessities of existence. Otherwise, why bother? There are plenty of other ways to fill the nights and weekends. But some plays, and some performances, take the idea of necessary to a deeper level. In those rare cases, the critic’s adjectival exhortation “must-see’’ can almost border on the literal. “American Moor’’ is one such play and one such performance.”
Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

“Cobb’s energy is unflagging, and his pace unrelenting; he fills the room with movement, energy, and sheer vital presence. This is a rare example of a play about which you can say, without hyperbole, that it’s riveting: You hang on every well-chosen, robustly presented word. “American Moor” is both urgent art and an important political statement.”
Kilian Melloy, Edge Media Network





“Keith Hamilton Cobb’s AMERICAN MOOR is incredible.
It holds a mirror up to our contemporary culture – to what an African American actor can and cannot bring into an audition for one of Shakespeare’s greatest roles…” READ MORE…

Performance History

O.W.I. (Bureau of Theatre) &
Phoenix Theatre Ensemble
Plaza Theatre -
Boston Center for the Arts
Boston, MA – 7/19-8/12/17

University of Pittsburgh Bradford
Bromeley Family Theater
Bradford, PA – 2/2/2017

Southern Shakespeare Company
in Partnership with Florida A&M University
Lee Hall Auditorium
Tallahassee, FL – 1/9-1/13/2017

University of Maryland, College Park
Kogod Theatre,
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center – 3/29/2016

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Denver, CO – 2/15-2/19/2016

Rider University
Lawrenceville, NJ - 9/30/2015

The Anacostia Playhouse
Washington, D.C. - 7/17–8/16/2015

Phoenix Theatre Ensemble
The Wild Project
Manhattan, NY - 4/2–5/10/2015

Luna Stage Theatre Company
West Orange, NJ - 2/27–3/1/2015

Luna Stage Theatre Company
West Orange, NJ - 8/11/2014

The Yonkers Riverfront Library
Yonkers, NY - 3/1/2014

Westchester Community College
Davis Auditorium
Valhalla, NY – 11/20/2013


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